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Made Smarter drives UK manufacturing forward with digital technologies, innovation and skills.

Made Smarter was borne out of an industry-led review exploring how UK manufacturing industries can prosper via integration of digital technology tools and innovation.

The four Made Smarter goals
  • Stronger leadership - A UK-wide approach

    Giving UK manufacturing leaders the power to drive their ambitions and capitalise on the advantages of the tools. We want to inspire the UK’s next industrial revolution and make it a leader in the creation and adoption of digital (industry 4.0) technologies by providing a clear vision, strategy, marketing, and messaging of the UK’s ambition.

  • Rapid adoption – Raising our game

    Boosting the capabilities of makers to adopt and integrate digital solutions across supply chains. We want to see more widespread and rapid adoption of new technologies by manufacturers (especially SMEs), and across their supply chains, through the creation of a significantly more visible and effective ecosystem that will accelerate the innovation and implementation of the technologies. 

  • Innovation – securing value in the UK

    Accelerating innovation with more rapid tech development, as well as creating new technology innovators, incubators and value streams. We need to drive forward a more rapid development and scaling of key Industrial Digital Technologies, such as additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence, and create new companies, value streams and capabilities by leveraging our research strengths and innovation assets.

  • Upskilling - building a robust industry workforce fit for the future

    Upskilling the manufacturing workforce to equip people with the tools and knowledge to build a better future to ensure there is a robust, forward-thinking future for UK manufacturing.

How can Industry and Government work together to drive UK manufacturing growth?

Digital Technologies are the key to strengthening our economy, creating many new, exciting & well-paid jobs. 

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